Tables, generators and other delusions

This blog series comprises my first actual use of OSE, which has an open SRD and a bevy of generators.

Most procedures follow the OSE rules, such as travel pace and combat. Occasionally I consult an oracle for things like NPC decisions (not formal "reactions", which is just the '77 Holmes Basic 2d6 table), and I model world-state partly with the excellent "hexflower" concept from Goblin's Henchman.

Some treasure and encounters are drawn from the AD&D DMG, but the Sandbox Generator from Atelier Clandestin provided most of the landscape and dungeon layout. The hex map is recorded on Perplexing Ruins' Adventure Sheet (there's some good tables on there too).

And of course, I discovered these largely through reading other blogs, namely Chaoclypse's solo guide and Solo Dungeon Crawl 1, by Skullboy.

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